Cincinnati -                                           

​Sotto | Restaurant L | Muse                        

Chicago -                                           

Alinea | Oriole | Prime & Provisions            

I enjoy a good meal, almost as much the company I keep.  These restaurants are all different but share these unmistakable trademarks: attention to detail, eclectic blend of cuisines, and exceptional service. Every tiny detail is considered. Just like the best art, the experience is subjective, but always high quality.

Columbus -                                          

Guild House | Jeff Ruby | Barcelona                        

DC -                                           

The Source | Kinship | Poca Madre           

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32B | Small (4) | 37.5

Agent Provacateur | Honey Birdette | Studio Pia 

Sephora | Saks | Saint Laurent | Books

Spa Day | Peonies/Roses | Red/Champagne

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