There’s nothing more fulfilling than being in the company of someone you can wholeheartedly be yourself around.  No second-guessing, or unnecessary beating around the bush.  With each other, we are free to be our most authentic selves.


I pride myself on offering a particular brand of companionship.  I enjoy being taken care of and spoiled beyond measure.  I also love doing the pampering.  Your needs will be catered to and you'll leave with your mind, body, and heart full.  


If a genuine experience with a beautiful, intelligent woman is what you crave contact me today.

who is melanie?

Smart, funny, kind, open-minded, and authentically me. I march to the beat of my own drum and am in tune with the things that bring me the most pleasure. I am passionate about living the life I've always wanted. One full smiles, laughter, and unforgettable experiences.


My health and overall well being are very important to me.  A couple of times a week, you can find me sweating it out at my favorite barre class or lost in a new book.  I have a growing library full of non-fiction, business, self-improvement, and everything in between. Care to share a copy of your favorite?